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Independent Escort Frankfurt

Sunset & Snuggles

14h - 2500€/10000AED

Breakfast in Bed

18h - 2800€/11000AED

More Magic

24h - 3000€/12000AED

Holiday for your Heart

2 Tage - 5000€/20000AED

Fun Forever

zus. Tag - 1500€/6000AED

In order to be able to concentrate on serious Inquiries, a Deposit of 20% is necessary to secure an Escort Date. This can be done either via Giftcard or Wishtender-Tip and is non-refundable as I reserve a Spot for you in my Calendar (and also book Train/Plane tickets). The Deposit is already included in my Rate and will be deducted from it. If I ever have to postpone our Escort Date, the Deposit is still valid for our next Escort Date or can be refunded as a Gift Voucher.

Short & Sweet

2h - 800€/3000AED

Intense Introduction

3h - 1000€/4000AED

White Chocolate & Wine

4h - 1300€/5000AED

Recharge Rendezvous

5h - 1500€/6000AED

Dinner & Dessert

6h - 1800€/7000AED

Minimum Duration & Travel Costs

Homebase (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt):

  • 2h & 0€

up to 80km (Mainz, Mannheim, Hanau):

  • 2h & 40€


up to 120km (Würzburg, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Fulda, Marburg):

  • 3h & 80€


up to 160km (Koblenz, Siegen, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn):

  • 3h & 120€

up to 200km (Cologne, Bonn, Trier, Kassel):

  • 4h & 160€

up to 400km (Munich, Luxembourg, Brussels, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Erfurt, Münster, Ulm):

  • 4h & 200€


400km or more (Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Monaco, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid):

  • 5h & all tickets

Outside of Europe:

  • 24h & all tickets

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