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VIP Escort Frankfurt

What should be considered before booking the Date?
  • With me you get a Girlfriend Experience, that means no Pornstar experience. My Rates represent Compensation for my Time and not specific Services. Everything else has to happen between two consenting Adults. I love mutual Endearment & Intimacy and would like to enjoy the Time with You and not pretend. If You put me in an unpleasant Situation, I will end the Date.

  • To arrange a Date, please use my Contact Form, then we can discuss the Details. I am looking forward to receiving your Message which leaves a good Impression. Please allow enough Time to send the Deposit. The Date is secured as soon as the Prepayment gets to me. Your message is in good hands with me, because Discretion is essential, that goes without Saying.

  • For Homevisits and Overnights a Form of Identification (e.g. your Photo) are required.

  • You already chose a (preferably 5 Star) Hotel and ensure that I hold the Address before you send the Deposit, so I can confirm our Trip.

What should be considered before the Date?
  • You have checked in at least 1 Hour before the Start of the Date and sent me the correct Room Number (otherwise I cannot meet you). If you prefer another Meeting Point, please let me know.

  • I always appreciate in-Room Snacks & Refreshments.

  • Now it is Time to jump into the Shower and freshen up, because soon I'll be knocking on your Door in my most beautiful Outfit...

What should be considered during the Date?
  • Please hand me my Remuneration (excluding the deposit) discreetly in an Envelope or Gift Bag within the first 10 Minutes. You can easily put a Smile on my Face with this!

  • For Overnight Dates I require 7 Hours of uninterrupted Sleep.

  • The female intimate Area is very sensitive, so your Hands must be washed.

  • After getting to know each other over a refreshing Drink, my irresistible affectionate Side will come out... Now We can completely let go and enjoy our adventurous Togetherness... This Evening will be unforgettable...

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